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This memorial was erected by the 66th Infantry Division (or Panthers) veterans and honors their comrades. Three large granite stele are adorned with large bronze plaques. The middle column has a bronze eagle on the very top and then a bronze plaque of a ship sinking and a man in the water. Below this plaque it explains that this memorial honors and remembers those members of the 66th Infantry Division whose lives were lost when their transport ship the Leopoldville was torpedoed and sunk on Christmas Eve 1944 in the English Channel as the unit headed to France to provide reinforcements for the Battle of the Bulge. On the lower portion of this center marker are also listed those members of the 66th who survived the sinking only to be killed in action fighting in France. The two markers to either side contain bronze plaques with the individual names categorized by states who died in the sinking. A total of 14 officers and 748 enlisted men were lost in the Channel.

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