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Near the old provincial capital of Hue in Vietnam is a large cemetery and memorial from the Vietnamese War with the United States. In 1968 a fierce battle was waged for the city during the Tet Offensive. The cemetery houses the remains of 10,000 North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong fighters as well as civilians who were killed during the war, making it the largest cemetery in Quang Tri province. In total the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong lost approximately 1.5 million soldiers and another 300,000 are missing-in-action.
The cemetery covers almost 202 acres and is only 8 miles from Dong Ha. On the national day of remembrance on April 30, relatives light candles and incense on the graves.

As at all Vietnamese war memorials and cemeteries it has the words of Ho Chi Minh inscribed, “There is nothing compared to freedom and independence.”

Flat stones containing remains or urns are the main focus of the cemetery. Families and Buddhist monks take painstaking care of sites. Incense is burned on grave sites and pictures or sculptures of the deceased are included on the grave site. Graves are often grouped in groups of 8 which is a lucky number in Vietnam. The war memorial is a simple pagoda style architecture of white marble with a small pot of incense sticks at entrance.

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