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Along New York highway 29 that runs through the small villages of Greenwich and Easton, New York this small garden and memorial commemorates those boys from the area who had fought in America’s wars. The quaintness and beauty of this small local memorial is amazing. The wildflowers grow high and the flagpoles draw one’s attention to the circular site surrounded by large evergreen trees. The marble marker stands tall and draws one’s eyesight as you approach. The words inscribed include a poem “Thank a Soldier” on one side and the reverse honors those who have or will serve in the armed forces from these communities. Within the circle of scenic wildflowers, however, are small bronze plaques on granite bases with the names of six local men who died serving in World War I; all but one perished in France and the last one died in Waco, Texas. The markers could almost be missed but there placement is a reminder to look beyond the beauty and find the deeper meaning.

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