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This 69 meter tall column was erected in 1873 and originally sat in front of the Reichstag building but was moved to its current site in the Tiergarten in 1939 by the Nazi government. The memorial commemorates the Prussian victories over Denmark in 1864, Austria in 1866 and France in 1870/71; these wars created the united German Reich. The column is topped by a gold eight-meter tall statue of the Roman goddess, Victoria or Victory. On the rounded base are placed statues of Prussian general Roon and Moltke and Imperial Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. On the square base are relief sculptures depicting the battles from the wars and original cannons from the wars are also present. Inside are 285 steps in a spiral staircase leading to an observation platform. [Unfortunately when the author visited the memorial was undergoing repairs/renovations and was covered with scaffolding. ]
Click here to see pictures of the memorial without the scaffolding

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