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One of the most unusual World War II memorials that honors those from Putnam County who lost their lives during the war is the V-1 German “Buzz Bomb” on the corner of the county courthouse square; the official county courthouse webpage description states : “the courthouse occupies an entire block, sharing space with what may be the most unusual World War II memorial in the state, if not the country.” This is one of only 2 V-1 bombs in the United States with the other being the property of the Smithsonian. The memorial is an “enemy” weapon used to honor the local men who gave their life for their country. The plaque on the front of the base holding the V-1 lists the names of those who died and states “Our Hallowed Ground”. The V-1 is quite large and juts its nose out toward US Hwy 231 that runs around the courthouse.

The author came upon this memorial quite by surprise as she headed from Bloomington, Indiana to French ,Indiana that evening. The highway goes through town and one must make a turn at the stoplight when I turned and there was the V-1! As a military historian, I recognized it immediately but was quite flummoxed to find a German weapon in the middle of Indiana. So I whipped around the corner and pulled into a parking spot right in front to take pictures.

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